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Review: WP Standard The Picker's Wallet

When it comes to wallets, I’m basically the opposite of George Costanza — I rarely carry cash and only take my phone, driver’s license and a credit card with me when I leave the house. So when I stumbled across The Picker’s Wallet from WP Standard several years ago, I was immediately sold — and I've carried the same one every day since. It combines a slimline design with rugged construction and tops it all off with a nifty little pocket to hold your favorite guitar pick.

American Dream

Founded in owner Ryan Barr’s Atlanta apartment in 2010, WP Standard is now a small operation headquartered in NYC.

“Whipping Post is a favorite song of mine by the Allman brothers,” he says, explaining the origin of the company's name. “But more importantly, I like the idea that a whipping post is something that is, by design, meant to take abuse. We hope the products we make can stand up to any abuse you subject them to.”

If you’re like me, you probably don’t have to think too far back to remember a time when one of your favorite picks mysteriously disappeared from the front pocket of your jeans, never to be found again. Or, perhaps, an instance when you really needed a pick for an impromptu jam session or test run on a new guitar and didn’t have one.

So this wallet seems like a brilliantly inventive product for those reasons alone.

“Being a guitar player, I always had a pick shoved between my credit cards just in case I needed it,” says Barr. “I thought, why not make a dedicated spot for it?”

Get Tough

According to Barr, WP Standard doesn’t cut corners on material. The Picker’s Wallet is made from full-grain leather that’s lined in pigskin and machine stitched with marine grade thread. So in other words — it’s tough. And since they only sell direct to customers, WP Standard is able to offer well-made products like this at fair prices.

In addition to The Picker's Wallet, the company offers a range of leather bags, wallets and accessories.

Parting Shots

The Picker’s Wallet is durable and perfect for people who want a unique slimline wallet at a moderate cost. It comes in two shades [Tan and Black] and comfortably holds a few cards and some cash. But if you’re more into traditional bifold wallets, never fear — they’ve got those, too, and for only a few bucks more.


Note: An earlier version of this review was originally featured in Tone Report Weekly


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